Say #No2Tebow


The "I pay taxes" argument can only apply if it is applied to ALL Texas children: public, private and homeschooled. Extracurricular activities abound across the state for Texas' homeschooled children, contrary to what some are saying in order to push the Tebow Bill. Contrary to some public comments, all children attending Private Schools in Texas do NOT have access to the full buffet of extracurricular activities. Many Texas children in Public Schools suffer in failing schools while superior Homeschool academic and extracurricular activities happen blocks away; however, the state will not allow them to 'opt out' of portions of a classroom day to gain equal access in these programs.

The Tebow Bill may have far-reaching unintended consequences for other extracurricular activities with groups like VASE, TMEA and 4-H.

Nothing against Tim Tebow -- We just don't want the Bill or Law that has usurped his good name.

Tim Lambert held a THSC Webinar where he discussed the Tebow Bill on 4/16/15 where he NEVER EVEN MENTIONED the new replacment bill that was filed three days earlier, on 4/13/15. He discussed the Tebow Bill presented in SB391. But the author of SB391 was no longer interested in promoting the bill. So Senator Van Taylor  and Senator Dr. Donna Campbell had filed a new version of the bill, SB 2046 with substantive changes.

Do something.

For well over a decade, a certain homeschool group has been pushing to have the legislature change the rules when it comes to homeschoolers and the UIL. They try to assure us that there are no risks. We disagree.

Slippery slope. Entitlements. Discrimination. Diluting homeschool freedom. Sure, the other side says it'll never happen, but...

If you support our homeschool freedom in Texas, help us keep that freedom protected.  After you read the Top Ten List, get to your keyboard and grab your phone.

Top Ten Problems With The Tebow Bill

The question is not whether homeschooled children in Texas should have access to UIL. The question is WHAT strings will be attached, and how will those strings end up changing the FREEDOM of all Texas parents to provide individualized education for their children.

The Tebow Bill introduces the FIRST EVER state-mandated standardized testing of homeschoolers in Texas history. 

Call your Representative's office today at and let them know you oppose SB 718 and HB 1324. You can find your Rep's contact info HERE.

Then call the members of the House Education Committee listed on our Action page and ask them to please vote No2Tebow.

Should Texas law be changed to increase regulations on even one homeschooler?

We don't think so.

The "Tebow" bills have been introduced again this 2019 legislative session using essentially the same language as the failed bills in 2017.  The new bill numbers are SB 718 and HB 1324

In 2017, HSLDA didn't think these bills were a good idea either. You can read more about that, below.