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Time to Take Action.


Don't let lobbyists tell the lawmakers what you want. Tell them yourself.


It's time to tell them "No 2 Tebow".

The Senate Education Committee members can be found at this link

Senate Education Committee 2017
Call each of them and tell them you OPPOSE SB 640. Also be sure to contact Senator Van Taylor, the author of SB 640 and let him know you OPPOSE his bill and that you say No2Tebow.

Sen. Van Taylor is from District 8 and has an office in Plano and in Austin. Call BOTH offices.

Capitol Phone: (512) 463-0108
Capitol Office: EXT E1.708
Phone: (972) 398-9416

House Representative James Frank is the author of HB 1323. Contact him and let him know you OPPOSE his bill and say No2Tebow. Respectfully request that he withdraw his bill.

Rep. Frank is from District 69 and has an office in Wichita Falls and in Austin. Call BOTH offices.

Capitol Phone: (512) 463-0534
Capitol Office: EXT E2.604
Phone: (940) 767-1700

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Tips for Contacting Legislators    ===>

-Be prepared to give them your contact information.

-Be kind and courteous.

-Keep your message clear and let them know that you oppose the bill.

   -In the House it is HB 1323

   -In the Senate it is SB 640

-The staff taking your message isn’t there to debate you. They are taking your message to give to their boss (the Representative or Senator sitting on the committee).

-Thank them for taking your call, listening, and giving your message to the Representative or Senator.

Say #No2Tebow