Say #No2Tebow

Be aware that THSC has not always been forthcoming in providing timely, relevant information related to the bills. 

Tim Lambert held a THSC Webinar where he discussed the Tebow Bill on 4/16/15 where he NEVER EVEN MENTIONED the new replacement bill that was filed three days earlier, on 4/13/15. He ONLY discussed the Tebow Bill presented in SB391. However, the author of SB391 was no longer interested in promoting the bill and dropped it. Senator Van Taylor and Senator Dr. Donna Campbell filed the then (2015) new version of the Bill, SB 2046 , on 4/13/15 with substantive changes including the first time State Mandated Standardized Testing of Homeschoolers would have been introduced into Texas Law.  We were successful in defeating the Bill's passage in 2015,2017, and 2019, but, once again, THSC has put passage of this bill as their PRIORITY during the 2021 Texas Legislature.

The Tebow Bills have been filed again in 2021. For the full text of the bills, visit Texas Legislature Online for HB547 and SB491. Click on the icons under the TEXT tab there for your choice of the  PDF, Webpage view or Word Document.  HB547 has changes. See the Committee Substitute language under "Text" and then "House Committee Report". Click on the other tabs toward the top of that page for more information as the session continues.